Everything You Must Know About Acupuncture for Stroke in Morristown

Everything You Must Know About Acupuncture for Stroke in Morristown

Strokes may happen to any person of any age. Both adults and kids can have a stroke. Do you know someone who has experienced a stroke? Are you struggling to return to your normal life after a stroke? Acupuncture has emerged as a popular procedure to ensure stroke recovery. But how effective is acupuncture for recovering from a stroke? Have a look at its benefits before considering acupuncture for stroke in Morristown.

Stroke and its types

Hemorrhagic and ischemic are the two kinds of strokes. Ischemic stroke is a stroke that happens when there is no blood supply to the brain. A stroke that results from the breaking or leaking of blood vessels is hemorrhagic. Both strokes can have serious/ fatal consequences. Sometimes, the damage a stroke causes is permanent. Now, find out how acupuncture can speed up your recovery after a stroke.

Why should you opt for acupuncture?

Acupuncture’s source is ancient Chinese medicine. So, it has existed for thousands of years. Acupuncture means inserting thin and single-use needles into a person’s skin. The person performing the procedure is an acupuncturist. The following are the major advantages of acupuncture:

  • People around the globe rely on it as a complementary treatment to alleviate chronic pain.

  • Acupuncture does a great job of relaxing the mind and body.

  • It is an affordable treatment that anyone can afford.

  • The side effects of acupuncture are very few.

  • There is evidence to prove that acupuncture can ease pain.

Can acupuncture cure strokes?

Acupuncture is beneficial in the initial stage of stroke recovery. It increases blood circulation, boosts the production of neurotransmitters, and relaxes stiff muscles. So, pain relief and relaxation are two of its biggest advantages.

But you should not expect dramatic results from acupuncture. It cannot eliminate the issues like paralysis. However, it reduces oxidative stress and dysphagia. Are you confused if acupuncture would help you? Consult your healthcare provider to understand its pros.

Adverse effects of stroke addressed by acupuncture

Acupuncture can improve the condition of a patient recovering from a stroke. It is effective in the following situations:

  1. Difficulty swallowing- A stroke can damage the part of your brain accountable for swallowing. Then you won’t be able to swallow food effortlessly. The condition is called dysphagia. Acupuncture will help you deal with this problem. After some sessions, swallowing will become less challenging for you.

  2. Imbalance- Imbalance is a common side effect of a stroke. The risks of falling are higher in stroke patients. So, they rely on acupuncture for the improvement of balance. This is another positive side of looking for an acupuncturist,

  3. Muscle weakness- Most people complain of weak muscles after surviving a stroke. Muscle weakness slows down the recovery and hinders movement. Say ‘yes’ to acupuncture if your legs have become weak. Accomplished acupuncturists recommend electroacupuncture 5 times per week. Most stroke survivors regain muscle strength within 2 weeks.

  4. Paralysis- Paralysis is among the most dreadful consequences of a stroke. Hemiplegia is paralysis of any one side of the body. Acupuncture will be helpful for people with post-stroke paralysis.

  5. Spasticity- Spasticity is one of the secondary effects of strokes. It is an uncontrolled stiffening of specific muscles. It becomes difficult to perform daily tasks with stiff muscles. Studies reveal that electroacupuncture is a solution to this problem.

The Bottom Line

So, there’s no denying that acupuncture is a good idea for stroke survivors. It will improve mobility and promote recovery. Thinking of opting for acupuncture For Vertigo in Morristown? Acupuncture is a popular treatment. You will find plenty of acupuncture clinics in your city.